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One of the most contentious and highly subjective subjects commonly found on bicycling blogs are gear reviews. They are often nothing more than personal preferences based upon unique experiences using individual products. Well dear reader, I will offer you nothing more than my highly opinionated reports based upon my very limited and unprofessional experience with just the stuff I have.

The Big Rebuild

March 2014
I purchased my Dawes Ultra Galaxy in January of 2012. By March of 2014 I had clocked approximately 11,000 miles on the drive train and needed to replace most all of it.

Type Description Price
Crank Shimano Deore M590 9 Speed Triple Chainset;
Color: Silver, BoltCircle: 104mm, Length: 175mm, Teeth: 48/36/26t
Bottom Bracket external Hollowtech II Bottom Bracket is included! n/a
Cassette Shimano SLX HG80 9 Speed MTB Cassette;
Teeth: 11-34t
Chain Shimano XT HG93 9 Speed Chain;
Color: Silver, Option: 114 Links
Brake Blocks Clarks 72mm Replacement Cartridge (£4.49 x 2) £8.98
Brake Cables TEKTRO RBP Brake Straddle Cable and Triangle (£4.59 x 2) £9.00
Brake Cables Clarks Elite PreLube Universal Inner Brake Wire (£1.79 x 2) £3.58
Gear Cables Clarks Elite Universal Pre-Lube Inner Gear Wire (£1.79 x 2) £3.58
Handlebar Tape Cinelli Gel Cork Bar Tape; Color: Natural £9.99

After installing all these lovely components, I have to say... she rode better than new. I moved from a 48/38/28 170mm to a 48/36/26 175mm. Plus I added a few teeth to the rear cassette by moving from an 11-32 to a 11-34. These subtle changes made a HUGE difference when climbing hills with loaded panniers. I'm loving it!

The other major change I made was to move to an external bottom bracket. I upgraded the crank to the Shimano Deore Hollow-Tech II which requires this new style of tech. It's a bit fiddly to sort out the spacers... but you can read more about that here.

Overall it was a huge improvement to ride of the bike.

If you look closely at the photo, you should notice that there's quite a few tools laying amongst the bike parts. In fact, I spent almost as much money on tools, lubes, and oils as I did on parts! Crazy.

Type Description Price
Bottom Bracket Tool Cyclo Hollowtech II Bottom Bracket Tool £12.99
Bottom Bracket Tool Park Tool Bottom Bracket Tool BBT22 £15.99
Cassette Tool X-Tools Chain Whip £4.49
Lockring Tool Shimano Cassette & Centre Lock - Lockring Tool £15.99
Grease/oil Shimano Workshop Grease; 50ml £5.99
Grease/oil Shimano Anti Seize Paste; 50ml £5.39

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