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One of the most contentious and highly subjective subjects commonly found on bicycling blogs are gear reviews. They are often nothing more than personal preferences based upon unique experiences using individual products. Well dear reader, I will offer you nothing more than my highly opinionated reports based upon my very limited and unprofessional experience with just the stuff I have.

2018 Bike Maintenance

I passed the 42,000 mile/mark last year mark whilst riding my faithful stead. I cannot say enough good things about this bike. Incredibly comfortable and reliable... she has performed flawlessly.

I clean the entire drive train after every wet ride, including rims and brakes. The number of times I've ridden in the rain can be reflected in the frequency of my maintenance records below.

Parts Replacement Schedule
I should point out that I really pushed my drive train during 2017. I believe this was achieved through regular maintenance (see: "2017 Bike Maintenance"), however I don't recommend this amount of mileage.

  • tyres @ 3,000 miles
  • rotate tyres @ 1,500 miles
  • brake blocks @ 2,000 miles
  • chain @ 3,000 miles
  • cassette @ 6,000 miles
  • crankset @ 24,000 miles

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